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Return Policy


DMB Supply continues to develop forward-looking services to match capabilities to the needs of business partners. A partial list of services is below. DMB Supply remains open and receptive to working together to develop new services as they are needed in the marketplace.

EDI Services – DMB Supply has a strong IT support team that will help to develop ways to migrate data electronically where appropriate. This can involve electronic receipt of process or electronic invoicing.

Bar Coding Services – DMB will work to develop labeling that will eliminate work and cost from the structure of DMB Supply’s business partners. DMB specialists will work to understand bar coding requirements and will support the needs of the customer.

Inventory Management Services – DMB Supply will be as involved in the business partner’s inventory management as required. This can run the range from receiving orders and processing them to scanning bar coded inventory locations and placing orders for the business partner. This can include use of blanket purchase orders, commitment of inventory for project specific needs, or management of point of use bin fill inventories.

Delivery Services – DMB uses a wide variety of shipping and delivery methods to best serve the needs of the business partner. The breadth of possibilities can be from shipping product via UPS to delivery and stocking of product on a DMB Supply truck with DMB Supply people. This could also include very favorable rates on pallets of product and can include several levels of tracking on shipments.

Will Call Services – DMB operates a will call counter for convenient pick up of product at any of our warehouses.

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